Process Systems SEA Sdn Bhd; an Australian &  Malaysian Joint-Venture company was established in 1997
to Manufacture, Market & Service specialised equipment for customers in the Food, Chemical, Paper, Wood &
Materials Handling Industries. Our Products include:-
Company Profile
Steel Belt Conveyors

Belt and Screw Conveyors

Powder & Granule handling equipment

Pneumatic conveying systems

Bulk Materials Handling Equipment

Continuous Ovens &  Dryers

Continuous Cooling & Freezing Tunnels

Pasteurisation Systems

Chocolate Manufacturing Equipment
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Paper trim handling systems

Dust Collectors

Pressure Vessels (ASME U Stamp)

Chemical Reactor Vessels

Equipment for MDF / Particle Board Industry

Mild Steel & Stainless Steel Fabrication

Custom Equipment Design & Manufacture

Equipment Installation or Relocation

Equipment Maintenance Service
European & Australian
Designs & Quality Standards
Malaysian Manufacturing
High Quality Products
Affordable Prices
Process Systems SEA
Senawang Sentral
Business Park
Seremban, Malaysia

Tel: + 60 6 679 2250
Fax: + 60 6 679 2271